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Using metal signs for interior decoration

In the early 1900s, the invention of the embossing press and the explosion of the steel industry enabled manufacturers to mass-produce sheet metal signs – and brought about an affordable new way to advertise every imaginable good and service, and to uniformly identify various destinations.

From iconic “Route 66” directional signs to movie posters, these vintage signs today are cherished for their nostalgic feel, and often are used as a focal point or complementary accessory in a home.Reappropriating metal safety or traffic signs as decoration can also lend funny or ironic personality to a space.

Here are a few ways to bring metal signage into your décor:

Living room
Many newer homes today feature open floor plans and two-story living rooms with expansive walls that can be difficult to decorate. That’s why vintage metal signs can be the perfect fit.

Signs that were originally used for outdoor advertising on the side of a building, for example, often measure several feet in height and width but are extremely affordable. While antique dealers and collectors are concerned about faded or missing paint, this only adds character when used for décor. And there truly is a sign for every style – from tobacco to cameras to French perfume.

Kids’ rooms
If your child has a thing for superheroes, the possibilities are endless. Comic book stars like Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Batman – and, of course, the villains too – make up one of the largest categories audemars piguet replica of vintage metal signage. Create a collage of signs featuring their favorite hero,or assemble signs to create a team of characters to cover a wall.

What’s more perfect for a garage than signs from old gas stations or repair shops? Depending on the use of the space, other options include vintage signs for drive-in movie theaters, race tracks, tool brands or hardware supply stores.

Vintage metal signs are ideal décor for the kitchen not only because they’re often associated with food and beverage items – like Campbell’s Soup, Folgers coffee, and Morton’s Salt - but because they’re a form of art that won’t wilt with the humidity that comes with cooking, and can be wiped clean with a sponge.

A cheerful “Come in, we’re open!” or “Open 24/7” sign - decommissioned from a 1950s diner - can bring a playful, welcoming atmosphere, while signs printed with drawings of fruits or vegetables can serve as artwork and complement a “country kitchen.”

A rec room
Whether it’s in the basement or the second floor, every home has a casual place to relax that needs décor that is equally laid-back, and maybe a little quirky. For bar areas, there are signs that welcome rolex replica patrons to “The Beach Bar” or “Flamingo Lounge.” For “theater rooms,” use original or reproduction movie posters. And for other play areas, by a pool table or jukebox, try unexpected signs that will make your guests double take, such as those for bike parking, a fallout shelter or an electric fence.

A man cave
Muscle cars, beer, fishing supply stores and the Marines: These are just a few iconic “masculine” options for decorating a man cave with vintage metal signs.

Custom Metal Signs For Home
These signs have been refashioned into chairs by an artist, sprucing up what could be just another meeting room.
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