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Customizing messages for metal safety signs

When any kind of site risk is present, communicating specific information is essential to preserving the safety of workers, visitors, and passersby. Safety signs must be dependably durable, which is why a sign made of metal is ideal.

There is an art to creating a sign that delivers maximum impact. Here are a few tips for creating an effective, custom sign that complies with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) or American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications.

Know the requirements.
OSHA- or ANSI-compliant templates allow for a customized message that retains the required format. For example, OSHA has clear guidelines for the design and wording of safety signs, including what signal word should be used in various situations:

  • “Danger” – should be used in “major hazard situations where an immediate hazard presents a threat of death or serious injury to employees.”

  • “Caution” – should be used in “minor hazard situations where a non-immediate or potential hazard or unsafe practice presents a lesser threat of employee injury.”

  • “Warning” – should be used to represent a hazard level between “Danger” and “Caution.”

  • “Notice” – should be used to draw attention to a location, equipment or other safety-related reminder.

Templates for ANSI safety signs include a signal word – “Caution,” “Warning” or “Danger” – followed by space for a pictogram and a “statement of precaution” that explains the hazard or how to avoid it, such as “Wear protective equipment.”

Be specific.
Simply put, the more specific your sign is, the more effective it will be. A sign next to a pond, for example, that says “Danger: Unstable ice. Harmful bacteria in water” puts passersby on their guard against the hazards that are actually pressing, unlike a generic “Danger” sign.

Be short and direct.
To provide immediate recognition of a safety hazard, the text on a sign should be as minimal as possible – avoiding extraneous words like “are” – and communicated in an authoritative voice. Symbols or pictograms provide a universal method for quickly communicating a risk, tag heuer replicas and can be followed by more specific information.

Make it pop.
Consider using a border or a fluorescent background to help visually separate the sign from background clutter.

Consider a sign series.
When a risk spans a large area, a sign series can help solidify the message and ensure that everyone receives a warning, particularly if the hazard might be encountered from various directions or entrances. Using the same design, each sign in the series contains relojes de imitacion different text that touches upon slightly different aspects of the overall message. The warning “Do Not Swim,” for example, could be reinforced by other signs in the area that read “No feeding or touching the alligator,” “No diving from bridge” and “No fishing from bridge.”

Provide support.
One of the prime benefits of customization is that it allows a safety sign to provide specific information, such as a phone number, website or emergency contact, if someone has questions or concerns.

The material matters.
How a safety sign performs – in the long- and short-term – is directly related to the materials used. Premium 60- or 80-mil aluminum used by the Department of Transportation can withstand high winds and years of sun.
It’s also important to consider the level of reflectivity needed and if the sign needs to be legible from an angle. This will determine what grade of reflective material is required.

The size matters.
In general, a larger sign will be more effective, particularly if it will primarily be viewed by motorists passing quickly. A good rule of thumb for determining the correct size is that each inch of letter height provides an additional 25 to 50 feet of viewing distance.

Information Metal Signs
Signs informing of company policies or making informal requests like this one aren’t typically subject to regulations like OSHA or ANSI.
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