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Benefits of customized metal street signs

Metal signs tell us to stop, remind us of the speed limitand alert us to upcoming intersections and streets. As drivers we’re programmed to acknowledge metal street signs; they help us get to our destinationsquickly and safely.

And that’s why customized metal street signs can be a prime medium for property owners, businesses and government agencies to effectively communicate a message. Whether it’s guiding guests to a rental unit or encouraging commuters to stop for a cup of joe, they offer significant benefits over generic signs:

They guide.
A custom street sign is like a maître d', delivering specific instructions or messages directly to your target customer. That might mean providing directions to a hard-to-find entrance or to the nearest parking lot during a renovation.

They advertise.
A sign customized with the name or logo of a business serves as a street-level promotion and a branding method that can drive immediate sales as well as a long-term return.

They provide an upscale feel.
Customizing street signs in a residential community – with an interesting shape and color or a logo, for example - can provide a sense of uniformity while helping to define and differentiate the neighborhood from the surrounding area.

They bring your business to your customer.
There’s no greater example of this than the businesses that pay to have their logo and/or name placed on the Department of Transportation’s highway exit signs – encouraging tired travelers to come in to their diner, replica audemars piguet hotel or gas station to refuel. This is particularly useful if the establishment isn’t visible from the highway, as many potential patrons would instead go to a business near the exit.

They direct traffic.
In high-traffic areas or construction zones, strategically placed customized signs can alert drivers to the specific route or lane they need to reach a destination, allowing for more orderly and safe passage.

It’s important to know the Department of Transportation’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) includes standards for the design and materials used on street signs, including:

- The thickness: While the typical thickness of an aluminum street sign is 0.080 inches, the thickness of larger signs or those that will be exposed to high winds replicas de relojes rolex may need to be increased to 0.100 or 0.125 inches for added rigidity.

- The material: Locations that will be exposed to extreme wind loads, from violent storms or hurricanes, may require extruded aluminum street signs, which are corrugated at the top and bottom.

- The reflectivity: While engineer-grade sheeting materials are appropriate for low-reflectivity needs like “no parking” zones, extremely reflective (and more expensive) diamond-grade sheeting is recommended for applications including street signs.

- Legibility: In addition to using the appropriate reflectivity, signs that have more space between letters, more contrast between the text and background and upper- and lower-case letters are generally easier to read. MUTCD standards require capital letters to be at least 6 inches tall and lower-case letters to be at least 4.5 inches tall. If used on a street with multiple lanes and speed limits more than 40 miles per hour, the minimum increases to 8 inches for capital letters and 6 inches for lower-case letters.

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Customized Metal Signs
Municipalities make frequent use of customized metal signs like this New York park sign.
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