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Which metal signs can you customize?

Thanks to advances in manufacturing processes and materials, metal signage can be customized to meet a range of needs for indoor and outdoor applications.

Whether it’s providing custom directions or addressing a short-term need, any type of sign can be personalized to serve a greater purpose, and present a professional look.

  • Parking: While a sign that reads “No Parking” or “Parking Closed” simply explains the current state of affairs, a customized sign can offer assistance, such as “Parking available at rear of building” or “Lot closed through September for renovation.”

  • Security: When a sign communicates that an action is prohibited — like loitering, trespassing or dumping garbage - customization can actually make it more effective. Signs that list specific consequences or enforcers, like the fine amount, the name of the property owner or towing company, lendclout to the regulation.A customized sign can also allow a business to provide specific instructions for maintaining security – such as requesting that guests at a community pool keep the gate shut.

  • Entrance: Many hotels have exterior entrances that provide easier access to guests’ rooms from the parking lot. Customized signs that feature the name or logo of the hotel can go a step further and list the entrance is for “Rooms 110-120,” for example.

  • Safety: Simple metal “Danger” or “Caution” signs can be dangerously vague. They don’t provide any information about the specific hazard, or how to avoid it. A customized sign, however, can be tailor-made for the situation.

How to customize your design
Customizing a metal sign is relatively simple and straightforward, especially if you use a template or a step-by-step “wizard” program.

Determine the message
An effective sign uses a “hierarchy” to communicate its message quickly and comprehensibly - within five seconds. That structure includes a short, strong headline – such as “Stop,” “It’s the Law” or “This Lot Full,” followed by explanatory text and a call to action.

Use color
Use color to emphasize the most important part of the message, but limit the sign to two colors, to avoid distractions.

Choose a font
Choose a font that emphasizes the tone of your message. Fonts with serifs typically are considered “friendlier” than sans-serif styles, replica tag heuer as are italic styles. Franklin Gothic, which is used for headlines in many newspapers, gives a serious tone. Like colors, using too many fonts can detract from the message.

In terms of capitalization, all-caps are ideal for eye-catching headlines, and punctuation is generally inadvisable – you want readers to immediately recognize the message, and milliseconds can make a difference.

Choose a size.
In general, larger is better, particularly if the sign needs to be legible from a distance, from an angle, at night or during bad weather. As a general rule of thumb, each inch of letter height provides an additional 25 to 50 feet of viewing distance.

Choose a shape.
Just like the font used on a sign, the shape can help communicate a sign’s tone. A “Stop” sign’s traditional octagon shape, for example, can be used to accent a warning message, while an oval shape is more suitable for a polite reminder.

Custom Made Metal Signs
If your business has amenities that require orderly sharing, create your own courtesy sign to politely inform guests of expected behavior.
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